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Rabu, 04 Juni 2014

Cerita Bahasa Inggris "The Thief Genie and Aladdin's Lamp"

cerita bahasa inggris,dongeng bahasa inggris
Cerita Bahasa Inggris The Thief Genie and Aladdin's Lamp - Masih ingat dengan cerita bahasa Inggris pada artikel yang dulu tentang Abu Nawas dan Menteri King Aaron yang terkenal yaitu Minister Abeydron ? Lagi-lagi si Menteri ini membuat Abu Nawas berurusan kembali sama sang Raja dalam dongeng bahasa Inggris kali ini. Namun karena kecerdikan Sang Abu, Abeydron berhasil dipermalukan lagi di depan Sang Raja.

Baca lagi : Cerita Dongeng Bahasa Inggris

Nah, kira-kira ceritanya bagaimana silahkan disimak sendiri ya versi bahasa Inggrisnya berikut ini. O ya nanti kalau sudah dibaca, kalau tidak keberatan bisa menceritakan kembali dengan bahasa sendiri sesingkat mungkin di halaman komentar atau setidaknya memberikan nilai atau pesan moral yang bisa diambil dari cerita berikut, tentunya harus pakai bahasa Inggris ya ? walau hanya 1 atau 2 kalimat ! kalau tidak, tidak akan dipublish komentarnya oleh Bang Min. Maklum Bang Min lagi sedikit egois :) Oke langsung saja disimak ceritanya.

One morning Abeydron told everybody he met that by then Abunawas had a GENIE. He asked them to keep their money as carefully as possible because the genie could secretly and easily take their money.

The rumour spread quickly. For about a week Abunawas tried to find out the SLANDERER. He smiled when he knew that it was Abeydron.

He took an old lamp out of his store room. He blew the dust off and then walked to the living room. He PRETENDED to have an Aladin's lamp. Whenever there was someone passing by his house, he rubbed the lamp gently in the living room. Then he dropped some coins.

Soon, the new story about the Aladin's lamp SPREAD widely. Abeydron heard this story. At first he did not believe it. Day by day more and more people talked about the Aladin's lamp. Abeydron who got more curious tried to find out the truth by visiting Abunawas himself.

In fact, the king also heard the news. He was also very interested in the news. He tried to SUMMON Abunawas to the palace. But the king's messengers always came back with no result. They said that Abunawas was not at home or he was very busy with his guests who wanted to see the magic lamp. So, the king decided to go to Abunawas' house himself.

One morning Minister Abydron walked alone to Abunawas' house. He wanted to arrive at Abunawas' house before other people did. By doing so, he could persuade Abunawas to let him rub the Aladin's lamp.

"I heard that you have Aladin's lamp. Is that true ?" asked Abeydron as soon as he met Abunawas at his house.
Abunawas smiled and answered, "Yes, I found it several weeks ago."
"People said that when you rub it three times, you will get whatever you want."
Abunawas smiled again, "You are right."
"Can I see the lamp ?" asked Abeydron.
"Yes, of course," answered Abunawas. He stood up and walked into a room. A moment later he appeared with an old lamp on his right hand.

Abeydron rose from his seat and extended his hands to take the lamp. But Abunawas quickly hid the lamp behind his back. "No, nobody can touch this lamp," he said.
Abeydron looked at the lamp. His eyes were widely open. He looked very much interested in it. "Will you let me touch it, Abu ? I'll give you a lot of money," he begged.

"No. If you touch or rub it, you'll get a lot more than that you'll give me," said Abunawas. "Anyway, I'll let you touch this lamp if you do what I tell you."
"What should I do ?" asked Abeydron.
"Don't tell anybody that you touch the lamp. Otherwise, the genie will get angry with me. If anybody comes, you have to hide yourself. Okay ?" explained Abunawas.

Abeydron nodded his head in agreement. Abunawas handed the lamp to Abeydron. At the moment they heard footsteps approaching. They both looked outside.
"Quick, slip under the table!" said Abunawas to Abeydron.
Abeydron hid under the table with the old lamp in his hands. A moment later the king entered the house.
"Abu, I heard two interesting stories about you," said the king.
"What are they, your Majesty ?"
"First, people say that you have a genie that steals people's money. Second, they say that you have Aladin's lamp. Which one is right ?" asked the king.
"Your Majesty, actually no one is right."
"But, the rumours have spread widely all over the country !"
"I've been slandered, your Majesty," answered Abunawas smilingly.
"Why do you smile, Abu ?" asked the king.
"As A MATTER OF FACT, I have the lamp and may be the genie !" answered Abunawas Quickly.
"What do you mean ?" King Aaron looked confused.

Abunawas pulled up the TABLE CLOTH. King Aaron saw Abeydron, with a lamp, hiding under the table.
"These are the genie and the lamp, your Majesty," answered Abunawas smilingly.
"That's Abeydron, Abu !" said King Aaron.
"Yes, your Majesty. He is the person who made the false story about me. He told people that I have a thief genie. Then I made another story about the Aladin's lamp to trip him," Abunawas explained.

King Aaron laughed at the poor minister. Abeydron was so IRRITATED to learn that he was trapped by Abunawas. He came out from his hiding place and dropped the lamp to the floor. The other four men laughed at him.

Lucu ya soB cerita bahasa Inggris di atas ? xixixi

Kosa kata :
Genie : Jin
Slanderer : orang yang menyebarkan fitnah
Pretended : Berpura-pura
Spread : Menyebar
Summon = call : memanggil
Nodded : mengangguk
As a matter of fact = actually = in fact = truly : sebenarnya
Rub : menggosok
Irritated : jengkel
A moment later : tidak lama kemudian
Table cloth : taplak meja soB

Minggu, 28 Juli 2013

Cerita Dongeng Bahasa Inggris

cerita bahasa inggris, dongeng bahasa inggris
Cerita bahasa Inggris sama seperti cerita pada umumnya, banyak sekali ragam dan jenisnya, mitos, legenda, dongeng, dsb. Untuk melengkapi referensi di blog ini, admin akan share dongeng bahasa Inggris dari koleksi buku yang admin punya.

Cerita dongeng bahasa Inggris yang ini sudah cukup terkenal yaitu Abu Nawas dan perdana menteri Abeydron dengan judul cerita An Unrespectful Man. Berikut ceritanya, semoga bermanfaat

In rulling the country, King Aaron was helped by several ministers. Minister Abeydron was one of them. One morning the minister went to the palace. He told the king about his dream. “I saw a bad man came to this country. Fortunately, I know that man. He is Abunawas’friend,” said Minister Abeydron.

The King asked Abeydron what to do. He suggested the king to assign Abunawas to arrest the dangerous man. Then, Abunawas was called to the palace. The king told him about Abeydron’s dream.
“Your Majesty, it’s only a dream. I don’t have such a friend,” replied Abunawas.
“Abeydron said that the dream would come true. So, you have to bring your bad friend here. I give you a week.”
Abunawas was quite for a moment. Then he looked up to the king and said, I’ll take your order, your Majesty.”
Three days passed by. Abunawas still did not get any idea of how to bring the bad man.
On the fourth day, he got the news that on the coming Friday, some guests from another country would visit the king. He got dressed and went to Minister Abeydron’s house.
“Have you arrested the bad man ?” asked the minister when Abunawas was at his house.
“It’s easy. I’ve found him. By the way, have you heard that the king would have guests next Friday ?” asked Abunawas.
“Yes, of course. I was invited to welcome the guests there. And you are too. He asked me to tell you,” replied Abeydron.
“Okay, I’ll come. I’m here to tell you a secret.”
“What kind of secret is it ?” asked the minister.
“King Aaron, of course, wants us to be nicely dressed and sweet smelled. If we dress neatly and smell sweet, the guests will appreciate the king. I’ve just got a traditional medicine to make our breath smell sweet. It’s called Cardamom,” Abunawas explained.
“Now give me some !” urged the minister.
“Unfortunately, I do not bring any. I’ll give you at the palace. You don’t have to pay for it,” the smart man assured the minister.
Then, Abunawas went home. He prepared everything : his dress, his shoes and, of course, the cardamom. He brought a small packet of it. The next morning, he went to the palace. When he arrived there, he saw that almost all the ministers had been there, including Abeydron. King Aaron had not been there yet. He took a seat beside Abeydron.
“Here is the medicine,” he whispered to Abeydron.
“We are not allowed to eat or drink anything here,” Abeydron whispered back.
“I know. You see, King Aaron has not come yet. Just put some into your mouth. Chew for a while and spit it out,” Abunawas persuaded him while pretending to chew something. Abeydron took quite a lot of cardamom seeds from Abunawas’ pocket and threw them into his mouth. At the same time, the king appeared. Not long after that, the guests came. The king introduced them to the guests one by one. He asked Minister Ali first to introduce himself, then Minister Farhan, and then others. When it came the turn for Abeydron, he was confused. He still had the cardamom seeds in his mouth. If he spoke, the small seeds would fall down. It was against the rules and very embrassing. Yet, it was too bitter for him to swallow.
“This is Minister Abeydron,” said King Aaron while pointing his hand to him. He gave him a gesture to introduce himself. Abeydron was very confused. He did not dare to open his mouth. The king waited for him to speak. But no words came out.
“What’s wrong with you, Abey ?” asked the king.
Abeydron still did not dare to open his mouth. King Aaron was curious as he saw Abeydron just keep his mouth shut.
“What’s wrong with your mouth ?” again, the king asked minister Abeydron.
Abeydron shook his head. The king repeated his question. Abeydron shook his head again. His eyes looked very much afraid. King Aaron touched his jaw and patted it gently.
“Open it,” he said.
Abeydron opened his mouth. Ten of small seeds fell out from his mouth. Other ministers, Abunawas, the guests and the king himself laughed. But it seemed that Abunawas who laughed the most loudly. Hearing the laughter, the king turned to Abunawas.
“Abu, explain it to me,” the king said.
“Excuse me, your Majesty. This is the bad man Abeydron saw in his dream. He does not answer your question. He does not show his respects to you eventhough in front of the guests. And he is one of my friends,” explained Abunawas smilingly.
The king knew that Abeydron fell into his own trap.

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