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Reviewing Our Own Comments In Blog

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Hi... lovers of this blog? Any progress have you made already? Okay let’s share our own learning process supported by this blog. If you fond of blog walking, could I ask something? How many times per week you open up this blog and read it out the article that you really like? Just once or many times? Yeah... all questions suddenly emerged in my mind after surfing this blog and had founded out a typical comments. May be it could not be generalized but, based on my point of view, it needs to be evaluated. Especially, whether this blog as one of your preference in empowering your English skill and capability. Let’s open up the points, as below:


Writing comment in this blog is such lovely thing, isn’t it?. Why? We could make a sign of track that we ever surfed there. Minimally. Besides that, it’s expression our appreciation to the owner/author of the blogger. If the blog very familiar for the visitor, it could be ranked as the priority and get award. I really don’t know much about making blog, as all we did just contributed article only. As matter of fact, that’s not the point of this article. He3x

After read and re-read again our own comments in this blog since the first time, finding this blog, I thought that need to change not just writing comment. I mean not only say thanks or appreciation that this blog is useful for me. In other words, we loved to write with similar meaning with the article. I wanted much more than that! I tried to write comment much more words and sharing the learning process, as the owner are cikgu, really. I wanted to compare it besides taken any idea which is I did like and easier to be implemented. That’s why I love to re-read again my comments as we could finding any mistakes being written but we do feel free with it. Without feeling guilty inside. Most of all, I can laugh louder. Anybody doing , too?


I do prefer to write comment in positively manner than negative ones. Why? By writing any pre-requirement for learning English will get a bad impact for me. Thus, I reduce to use it. It such as build un-reasonable reason. Besides that, I do not want to add comment with blaming insist in each word. It’s seem such a bad manner will be exposed than our target need to be achieved. Have you had known N-ach, abbreviation of need achievement.

This language is not our mother tongue, it’s commonly happened while many mistake will arisen or being made. It depend our own reason for learning it. Therefore I write some comments based on my own experience, and luckily get positive response from the blogger owner. Actually, I have some blog references but I do feel free with this one. (sound of clapping hand) In the first time, our comment made him shock only and I write mixed language - it’s grathul-grathul” way. We had founded that pinoy very familiar with mixing Tagalog and English besides his accent so different. Why don’t we do that too than do a perfect thing but being imagined only. I feel such make a race with him, it’s not such a competition but as media for exploring and exposing our capability and share it. It’s become a challenge and I take a chance. By the way, have you heard book - Self Digesting, it’s in Bahasa - he3x we try to do as being suggested inside this book. Nothing too loose whether mistakes being made but my capability become better and better, incrementally.

Time Will Tell

Ups, this point remind me with Enya song, Only time. Wanna know? Please open up youtube for being inspired the beauty of words in the song. As the first time we just happily writing a comment then could be as a contributor. I do so sorry that my article being made in English, as my reason – it’s my time for improving my skill. Writing in English. It’s not just a lesson, but I gent connected with the content inside. That’s way, I keep in touch with the owner, though never meet up before. I do love that the blogger use Bahasa for explaining the topic as this very useful for his students and anyone who needed to. But, by using English in comment would be an alternative way for mixing two language being used. No matter the journey I take, I’ll get influenced by positive ones.

What's My Benefit

I’ve gotten a grammar lesson in detail by this blog. Really?! Absolutely right. Ups, you can find it in site map or category, for fixing it. After reading a new article we usually make a next step, using the topic in article directly in my writing comment. For instance due pronoun, we will directly use pronoun in my sentences. I try to repackage a lesson being an applicative sample. Why? It’s more enjoyable than reminding a lesson, as we prefer to use it than learn it. Eh, little bit lazy. Frankly speaking, it’s my technique in enriching our learning process. If you have another way, why don’t you share it in this blog, in order anybody could practice it. By joining in comments and trying to write response, ......finally much easier to learn English than before – it’s mean that this blog has impact in my writing capability. Now. What’s your comment, pals? It’s your turn to take a part here.

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Selamat pagi Mas Hendrik, ijin simak artikelnya yah
Bagus sekalai yah Mas list dan bait artikel Mas ini
Dengan isi tulisan berbahasa Inggris tapi maaf jika
Comments di blog ini. saya kurang tepat dengan topik
Mas ini. maklum saya kurang paham dengan bahasa Inggris

Saya belum sempet tranlate mas hen
Soale gi bw pake hp nih :)

malem mas... mas di bononegoro ya sekarng

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